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Pacific Northwest Seniors Tournament

The Pacific Northwests Seniors Tournament will be held on April 2 & 3, 2016 at Riverside Lanes in Mt. Vernon. This tournament is open to all USBC members, age 50 and over, either bowling in or residing in the jurisdiction of all USBC associations in Washington and British Columbia.

Divisions: Doubles will be in three divisions: (1) two men, (2) mixed (one man and one woman), or (3) two women bowlers, 50 years of age or over; the mixed division, may enter with their spouse, regardless of the age of the spouse.  Singles will be in two divisions:  (1) Men, (2) Women.  Each singles division will be in two (2) classes.  Class A includes bowlers 65 years of age and over; class B includes those bowlers 50 thru 64 years of age.  Date for determining classifications is time of first participation.

Multiple participation:  Doubles: Entrants may bowl twice with the same partner, but cash only once.  Entrants may cash more than once, if done with another partner. Singles: May bowl as many times as they wish, but cash only once.

An additional $5.00 Tournament Expense will be collected from entries received after March 30, 2016

Squad Times:

Saturday April 2nd, 1:00pm & 4:00pm

Sunday April 3rd 10:00am & 1:00pm

Entries for each squad will close one hour before the start of each squad.

For a complete set of rules, download the entry form below:

Download the entry form



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