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Skagit Valley USBC Youth Jamoree

That very first annual Skagit Valley USBC Youth Jamboree held Saturday May 26th, was a huge success! The youth bowler from the entire association had fun bowling 9-pin no-tap style Thunder Alley, eating pizza, drinking soda and having FUN with their friends as well as making new ones!

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The Jamboree was also a chance for all of our youth to get together for an “annual meeting”. The Skagit Valley USBC is implementing a new Youth Leadership Program to give our youth a chance to become involved in their local association and to also teach them some leadership skills. After a complete nomination process and election by ballot, our first set of representatives were elected to fulfill a 1-year term next year:

President: Jacob Lennox (Riverside)

Vice President: Matthew Lennox (Riverside)

Secretary: Daniel Johnson (Oak Bowl)

Congratulations to them and the Board looks forward to working with them next year!

Lastly, the youth have been collecting tickets every week during their regular league bowling, for things such as: Attendance, “beating their average”, “picking up a split”, “striking in the 10th frame”, and answering the weekly trivia question. They were each given a baggie with their accumulated tickets in them to enter into various raffles that were laid out.

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The SVUSBC’s Fundraising Committee worked hard to gather some prizes and donations for the raffle for this event! We had enough items that each child in attendance was able to go home with a prize! Yay!

There were so many great items, we would like to officially thank our event sponsors for their generosity! Please consider helping us to give back to them by patronizing these local businesses:)

Goodie bags for each child:

Food Services, Inc. (candy)
Dairy Queen in Mt. Vernon
Dairy Queen in Oak Harbor
Mc Donald’s in Mt. Vernon

Raffle Prizes:

Oak Bowl for bowling balls, bags, and play pkgs
Riverside Lanes for play pkgs and space for the event
USBC Gold Coach, Ron Hoppe
Blakeslee’s Pro Shop
Dawn Hardman of Windermere for the IFly indoor skydiving & Chuck E. Cheese packages
Kelly Kulick for autographed poster
Lonny Olson of United States Bowling Academy
Attorney George Freeman for Aquasox tickets pkg
Seattle Seahawks
Game Clucks
Woodland Park Zoo
Blue Fox Drive-In
Skagit Skate
Jungle Playland
AMC Theater in Burlington

Thank you to everyone that came out, it was a lot of fun and we are already looking forward to next year!

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